PPL records its largest ever quarterly international payment to members

PPL has announced its largest ever quarterly international payment to its members - the figure (paid on 30th September) is up 29 per cent on its largest payment in the previous year, to £18 million ($23 million USD). PPL now collects over a third of all performer neighbouring rights payments moving between CMOs (collective management organisations) globally, firmly establishing its position as a market leader.

One of the key reasons for the increase in payment is PPL’s close relationships with CMOs internationally, working directly with them in order to leverage maximum income for its members.  These include world-renowned artists, as well as record labels.  Revenue being paid in this quarter includes money from the USA, Germany, Belgium, Japan and Spain.

PPL is the collective management organisation for sound recording performance rights in the UK and does not retain a profit for its services.  In 2009, PPL became the first music licensing organisation to be granted ‘Qualified Intermediary’ status by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which means that PPL is able to distribute up to 30 per cent tax that would otherwise be held back on the US royalties that it collects for its members, provided that its members complete an IRS form.

PPL is proud to serve its 90,000 members through its proactive, professional and, above all, personal service delivered by passionate people.  From emerging grassroots artists and labels to the established names, PPL ensures that it maximises returns, no matter what the experience or repertoire of the member. 

Laurence Oxenbury, Director of International, PPL said: “We are built on the success of great acts, who go out into the world and showcase their talent.  We have great diversity, creativity and global talent which helps drive the success.  Our innovation in data and focus on customer service means we are able to provide a compelling offering to performers and record companies at only a 7 per cent cost.”

At the PPL AGM in June the company announced record international collections in 2015 of £36.7m, with the top three territories being the USA, Germany and Belgium. At the time of writing there are 79 global collection agreements in place, and PPL represents 35,000 members internationally.

Peter Leathem, Chief Executive said, “I am delighted that PPL has been able to deliver continuous growth to our members, whilst ensuring our high quality service is maintained.”