Recording session consent form

The BPI/MU Session consent form is an essential tool for any musician who is involved in recording for a record label or artist.

There are many musicians who may have played on a recording some time in the past who are now having great difficulty in proving that they were a part of the session when they try to claim back any royalties they are subsequently owed. This is especially prescient in the current cultural climate, where a long-forgotten song can be wrenched out of oblivion to appear on a movie soundtrack, or in part as a sample on a successful contemporary song.

Read this article which appeared in ‘The Musician’ and find out why it is essential to sign a recording consent form.

If you have any queries about the MU’s session recording consent form, please contact Peter Thoms, MU Sessions Official at

The consent form is available for download here.

For more information visit the Musicians' Union website.